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How TikTok’s algorithm works is one of the great mysteries of the universe, along with the Bermuda triangle and where all those mismatched socks end up.

Although they have not made public the data on how their algorithm works, they have given several clues, and many users have done their tests. We have also investigated it on our marketing agency’s TikTok account.

How TikTok’s algorithm works

On average, when a user opens the app, they are consuming content for 10 minutes. That’s three times more than on Instagram. This is due to TikTok’s algorithm, which displays the content that the user will like the most on the ‘For you’ or ‘For you’ page.

The goal of understanding how TikTok’s algorithm works is to appear on that page and reach thousands of users.

But how does it decide if something is worthy of appearing? The most popular theory is that it does a kind of A/B testing. That is, it shows the content to a small number of users, and depending on how they interact with it, it shows it to more people in ‘For you’ or leaves it only for your followers.

TikTok Tricks

So it’s all about users viewing and interacting with my content? Not entirely. You can make sure your video reaches more people with a few tricks to optimize your content. Again, nothing has been confirmed by the social network, but they have worked for many users.

Helps you rank your content

When TikTok learns which videos a user likes the most, it takes into account the description, the texts within the video, the audio, the hashtags, and they even say it takes into account what happens in the video, distinguishing a person dancing or a dog.

Use popular music

Use popular music, with which many users have interacted.

Use hashtags

TikTok also collects videos using hashtags, so whenever relevant, be sure to add your own.

Some users also claim that if you use the hashtags #foryou #foryoupage or #parati, there is a better chance of appearing on this page, although we haven’t tested this yet.

Video length

Although you can make videos up to one minute, it doesn’t mean you should. Every audience is different, but in general it’s best to limit it to 15 seconds, because there’s a better chance that the user will watch the whole thing.

Get users to stay with the video

For TikTok to understand that your video is interesting, make sure users stick around to the end. Videos that add a “Wait for it” or “Watch what happens now” text are very successful.

On the other hand, when a video ends, it plays again. If the user watches it again, TikTok gives you a pin and understands that you have a great video. To motivate this, you can opt for ‘seamless loops’, i.e. your video ends the same way it starts.

What is the best time to post on TikTok?

In Spain, the busiest times on TikTok tend to be from 7 to 12 pm, when people have already finished work/school and are looking to entertain themselves at home.

Globally, it follows a similar schedule, although a little earlier.

Again, every community is different, so pay attention to your stats. You may find your niche from 2 to 3, when people take a lunch break, or you may have a large audience from a country across the pond and need to adjust your posting hours.

How much to post on TikTok?

Quality before quantity. If you can offer quality and dedication to post every day of the week, go ahead. If it works for you to post twice a week, go ahead.

Of course, if you publish more than one a day, keep in mind that your content will be fighting against itself to appear in the users’ feed.

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