Food Safety and the Family Farm

Food safety is an increasingly important concern for individuals who care about their health. In the past couple of years, there have actually been a number of episodes such as E. coli in spinach, crazy cow disease in livestock, and also listeria contamination in packaged meats.

Purchasing your food directly from small family-farm producers is one way to lessen the possibility of having any kind of safety concerns with your food. Smaller manufacturers can place even more treatment and attention into the food they produce, as well as due to the fact that they work in small sets, there is much less opportunity of any type of contamination being spread out.


There are many different ways that food can potentially become risky, from manufacturing as well as processing to packaging and handling. There are also a lot of common microorganisms that can get into your food, such as salmonella, listeria, and E. coli. Past that, there are concerns concerning genetically changed foods (GMO’s) as well as just how safe they are to eat. Lastly, it is common for foods to consist of some deposits of pesticides and fungicides, in addition to all sort of different artificial additive and also chemicals.

One of the reasons why food illness episodes can come to be so major is that many foods in your regional supermarket are mass-produced, using the same ideas that Henry Ford established to make vehicles budget-friendly. Automation techniques amplify all of the food safety concerns lot of times. Did you know that a person pound of supermarket hamburger beef can have the meat from as several as 1,000 livestock? If just among those animals has its meat contaminated with E. coli, grinding them up with each other will certainly spread out the infection with the entire set.

If you buy from a neighborhood small farm, on the other hand, you obtain food that is generated in small quantities with individual treatment as well as attention. You can be familiar with your farmers, and develop your trust in the means they grow your food. It’s also obtaining much easier as well as less complicated to discover farmers who care as much as you do concerning not making use of farming chemicals, genetically changed microorganisms, or artificial additive and also preservatives.


It is a lot easier for a small ranch to maintain excellent food safety and security practices than it is for mass-production operations. For instance, at our family ranch we elevate beef livestock, and we can track every steak or extra pound of hamburger we offer, back to the animal it originated from, specifically what it consumed, and also who its moms and dads were.

You can also find neighborhood farmers that grow as well as handle their foods with the very same ideologies that you care about – producing food without making use of synthetic hormones, prescription antibiotics, pesticides or herbicides. There’s a reason that conventional methods of food handling, storage and also prep work advanced the way they did. Over thousands of years, they were found to be safe and also reliable. For more tips on precision agriculture go to this link.

An increasing number of, a few fast Net searches can find you neighborhood farmers that create every one of the food you need. Getting to know them directly will give you confidence that they are growing as well as managing your meat, grains and also vegetables with food security in mind. And by getting locally-grown foods, you are helping the environment as well.

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